Tabernanthe iboga (TiAE) in isolated pancreatic islets of Langerhan

Project Details


This project was aimed to advance our understanding of plant remedies widely used in Gabon in health and disease.

There is limited understanding of the antidiabetic profile of such natural remedies and there is no substantial scientific evidence in support of their therapeutic benefits in man. Moreover, not much effort has been made toward identifying the key hypoglycaemic constituents or indeed elucidate the underlying mechanisms that could lead to their antidiabetic effects.

The project explored the efficacy and potency of Tabernanthe iboga (TiAE) in isolated pancreatic islets of Langerhan. Wider understanding of long term vascular changes involved in diabetes was also under investigation.

The project aims included:
> ascertaining the effects of root extracts on insulin production.
> identifying the active compounds in the extracts.
> determining whether the active compounds have other effects in diabetic models.

Key findings

BADING, B., Boukandou, M., Souza, A, Paul, P., Bourobou, B., Mackenzie, L.S., Lione, L. An overview of anti-diabetic plants used in Gabon: Pharmacology and Toxicology. J Ethnopharmacol. 2018 Jan 2;216:203-228

Rehman, A. U., Dugic, E., Benham, C., Lione, L. & MacKenzie, L. S. Selective inhibition of NADPH Oxidase reverses the over contraction of diabetic rat aorta. Redox Biology. 2, p. 61-64 (2014)
Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/18


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