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1994 …2022

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Supervisory Interests

My main supervisory interests include:

Contemporary Politics

Political Philosophy


Critical Theory


Envronmental Politics

Postcolonial and Decolonial theories


The politics of literature.

I will also accept students writing PhDs on particular critical theorists including Adorno, Agamben, Badiou, Balibar, Brown, Butler, Cixous, Derrida, Habermas, Laclau, Mouffe,Ranciere, Zizek and others working in related areas.

I have supervised many students to completion and welcome students interested in researching these and related areas.

Research interests

I write about and research contemporary critical theories and radical politics. This includes work in continental philosophy, populism, radical forms of politics and protest, discourse theory and deconstruction and the politics of inequality.

Scholarly biography

Published and in Press Books

Devenney, Mark (ed.) (2018) Thinking the Political: Ernesto Laclau and the Politics of Post-Marxism, London: Routledge. (In press.) ISBN: 978-1-13-891558-9

Brecher, Devenney and Winter (eds) 2009 Interrogating Terror, edited collection, London: Routledge (including three contributions written by me.) ISBN: 978-0-415-48808-2 (republished in 2015)

Devenney, M (2004) Ethics and Politics in Contemporary Theory, London: Routledge, ISBN: 0-415-23737-8; Republished 2014.

Devenney, Mark Towards an Improper Politics Volume 1 (2019), Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (In press).

Articles under review

Devenney and Woodford (2019) “Democratic Theory: Beyond the Pale”, (Undergoing corrections for Philosophy and Public Criticism after revise and resubmit advice)

Devenney, Mark (2019) ‘This is Not a Brick: Performativity and Property. A Critical Reading of Judith Butler’ (under review with Cultural Critique)

Devenney, Mark (2019) ‘Proprietary Regimes: Rethinking Hegemony’ submitted in August 2019 to Political Studies.

Devenney, Mark (2019) ‘Why Democracy is Improper’ resubmitted to Political Theory following specific request from editor for change of focus following earlier submission. Under Review.

Published or in press

Devenney, Mark (2019) ‘Psychoanalysis and the Politics of Hegemony’ in The Undecidable Unconscious: A Journal of Psychoanalysis and Deconstruction, forthcoming in volume 5, University of Nebraska Press.

Devenney, Mark (2019) ‘The Improper Politics of Representation’ in The Constructivist Turn in Political Representation (edited by Urbinati, Disch and van de Sande), Edinburgh University Press, 224-239.

Devenney, Mark (2019) “From Kant to the Improper: Rancière, Laclau and Butler in Dialogue” in Post-Structuralism and Social Theory: Ernesto Laclau and his Interlocutors, Brazil, Intermeios Press. (in press, translated into Portuguese).

Devenney, M (2019), ‘The Politics of Equivalence and Hegemony’ in M Devenney (ed.), Thinking the Political: Ernesto Laclau and the Politics of Post-Marxism. Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, New York (in press).

Devenney, Mark 2019 "Intransigent Feminisms: Reading Caverero’s Inclinations Improperly’ in Giving Life to Politics, US: Fordham University Press. 2019 (in press) (including articles by Honig, Butler and response from Cavarero).

Devenney, Mark and Clare Woodford, 2019, "Logics of Revolt: Laclau and Ranciere" in Stagnell, Alexander and Payne, David (ed.), in Populism: the logic of revolt or a revolt against logic? Bloomsbury Academic, London. London: Bloomsbury Academic. 2019

Devenney, M 2019, ‘Los límites de la política radical populista’ in P Ema Lopez (ed.), Populismo y hegemonía: retos para la política emancipatoria, I. Presupuestos teóricos. Lengua de Trapo, Madrid (in press).

Devenney, Mark (2019) ‘Populism Democracy and the Transnational People’ in The Populist Manifesto (ed. Eklund and Knott), London: Rowman and Littlefield (in press).

Woodford, C & Devenney, M (2017) Why the US and Britain are not democracies, The Conversation, online newspaper.

Devenney, Mark (2016) ‘The Politics of Antagonism’ in Contemporary Political Theory, volume 14, No 3.

Devenney, Mark (2016) ‘Introductory Comments: Ernesto Laclau and the future of Radical Political Theory’, in Thinking the Political, Routledge, ISBN: 978-1-13-891558-9.

Devenney, Mark (2015) ‘Sjalvmordsbombning – En Omtolkning’ in Fronesis, Nr 52-53, pp.66-94. ISBN: 978-91-982457-4-5 [English Title: Suicide Bombing – A Reinterpretation].

Devenney, Mark (2015), ‘La política del antagonismo’ in Debates y Combates, Nº9,  ISBN: 9771852434008

Devenney, Mark (2015) ‘Rethinking Political Antagonism’ in Critical Studies, volume 1, ISSN: 2055-1428

Devenney, Mark (2011) ‘Property, Propriety and Democracy’ Studies in Social Justice, US: Windsor University, Volume 5, number 2. ISSN: 1911-4788.

Devenney, Mark (2009) "The limits of Communicative Rationality and Deliberative Democracy” Journal of Power, vol.2 no.1. ISSN: 1754-0291

Devenney, Mark ‘Rethinking Postcolonial Politics’ in Borderlands, volume 6, number 2, October 2007. ISSN: 1447-0810

Devenney, Mark (2007) “Terror of the Real: The Real of Terror” in The Truth of Zizek: Zizek and his Critics, London, Continuum Press. (with lengthy response by Zizek)

Devenney, Mark (2004)‘The Ethics of Radical Democracy’ in Laclau: A Reader, (London, Routledge.) (with response from Laclau)

Devenney, Mark(2002)‘Ethics and Politics: The Normative Dimensions of Post-Structuralist Theory’  in Strategies, Spring 2002, special edition, ‘Ethics, Politics and Cultural Studies.

Devenney, Mark (2002) 'Radical Democracy: Laclau and Habermas' in Post Structuralism and Politics, (ed. Finlayson, A and Valentine, J) Edinburgh University Press, 2002.

Devenney, Mark (1999) ‘The Politics of Literature’ in South Africa in Transition: New Theoretical Perspectives(eds. Howarth and Norval) London, Routledge.

Devenney, Mark (1994) 'In the Absence of Certainty: Critical Theory after Apartheid', Theoria, pp.163-179.

Devenney, Mark (1994) ‘Democracy, Literature and Politics’ Wits History Workshop,

Devenney, Mark (1993) 'Left Behind: Marxism and Aesthetics in Contemporary South African Literature' in Africa Perspective, vol.2 no.1, pp.117-131.

Devenney, Mark (1995)'Nadine Gordimer's None to Accompany Me: the Politics of South African Literature' in Southern African Review of Books, January 1995.

Devenney, Mark (1992) Reviews of Stepjan Mestrovic: The Coming Fin De Siècle, and Keith Shields: Places on the Margin in Southern African Sociology.

Education/Academic qualification

PhD, Critical Theory and Post-Marxism, University of Essex

1 Jan 199515 Jun 1998

Award Date: 30 Sept 1998

External positions

Expert Panel Philosophy: Research FOundation Flanders, Research Foundation Flanders

1 Sept 20181 Sept 2021


  • JC Political theory
  • Critical Theory
  • Democracy
  • Performativity
  • Subjectivity
  • Political Philosophy
  • Populism
  • Decolonial Theories


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