Women & Domesticity What’s your Perspective?

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    The goal of this project is to explore the common domestic experiences of the modern day woman within her home. It investigates underlying narratives by engaging the community in embroidering their personal perspectives onto a duster.

    Traditional dusters were selected as a metaphor for domesticity because they are mundane, yet visually appealing in their brilliant bright yellow. Collectively they proclaim a multitude of opinions, stitched by hand with red thread to represent traditional women’s work and femininity.

    The research reveals a broad scope of perspectives including fulfilment, resentment, nostalgia, and antipathy. Common underlying themes communicate a sense of invisibility, un-appreciation and boredom, but also of nurturing and necessity associated with quality of life in the home.

    Domestic experience is common to us all; in the home we can research the life we live. ‘Researchers are in some ways always part of the lives and world they are researching’ (Pink 31). Each duster reflects personal contemplation inspired by the lengthy process of hand sewing, creating an artistic response that offers unique insight into modern day home life.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - May 2015
    EventHome and art: creating, performing and researching home - Geffrye Museum of the Home, London, United Kingdom
    Duration: 1 May 20151 May 2015


    WorkshopHome and art
    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom


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