Sonic Perceptual Ecologies in Spaces of Ephemeral Encounters

Maria Papadomanolaki

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With this paper I would like to discuss the idea of sonic perceptual ecology as a means for listening to spaces of high mobility and of transient functionality. Ecology within this context is defined as a hybrid system of interactions of human and non-human communities, technologies, materials, senses and activities, a system of interactions that form a supportive counter-atmosphere for perceiving our environment. Within my practice based research, I argue, in reference to such spaces, that the notion of the atmosphere as theorised by Gernot Boehme becomes an aestheticised/staged construct that further supports the attachment of an ephemeral identity to the said spaces; an identity that usually exists outside our habitual zone of dwelling and one that nonetheless remains unsolicited most of the time. By referencing my current site-specific methodology, I discuss the possibilities of creating temporary sonic perceptual ecologies that allow these spaces to be experienced, opened up and countered. In these processes, I am particularly interested in the use of triggers that lead to embodied and internalized associations, reactions and mutual exchanges where voice and sound play a significant role. I focus on bringing to the forth the existing yet latent abilities and possibilities of each person to listen and think about the sound of locales, peoples, activities, and memories and how they affect each other reciprocally. The notion of identity becomes an ever-contested field of polyphonies and ambiguities while the listener becomes engaged in a process that simultaneously voices the porosities between the inside and the outside. As a result, the spaces in question are experienced from a new and revitalised perspective where sound becomes a carrier of meaningful conversations and of dialogue.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSoundscapes and Sound Identities
EditorsA. Calanchi, F. Michi
Place of PublicationTeramo, IT
PublisherGalaad Edizioni
ISBN (Print)9788898722501
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2017


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