A group key exchange and secure data sharing based on privacy protection for federated learning in edge‐cloud collaborative computing environment

Wenjun Song, Mengqi Liu, Thar Baker, Qikun Zhang, Yu-an Tan

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Federated learning (FL) is widely used in internet of things (IoT) scenarios such as health research, automotive autopilot, and smart home systems. In the process of model training of FL, each round of model training requires rigorous decryption training and encryption uploading steps. The efficiency of FL is seriously affected by frequent encryption and decryption operations. A scheme of key computation and key management with high efficiency is urgently needed. Therefore, we propose a group key agreement technique to keep private information and confidential data from being leaked, which is used to encrypt and decrypt the transmitted data among IoT terminals. The key agreement scheme includes hidden attribute authentication, multipolicy access, and ciphertext storage. Key agreement is designed with edge-cloud collaborative network architecture. Firstly, the terminal generates its own public and private keys through the key algorithm then confirms the authenticity and mapping relationship of its private and public keys to the cloud server. Secondly, IoT terminals can confirm their cryptographic attributes to the cloud and obtain the permissions corresponding to each attribute by encrypting the attributes. The terminal uses these permissions to encrypt the FL model parameters and uploads the secret parameters to the edge server. Through the storage of the edge server, these ciphertext decryption parameters are shared with the other terminal models of FL. Finally, other terminal models are trained by downloading and decrypting the shared model parameters for the purpose of FL. The performance analysis shows that this model has a better performance in computational complexity and computational time compared with the cited literature.
Original languageEnglish
Article numbere2225
JournalInternational Journal of Network Management
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 29 Mar 2023

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Funding Information:
This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under grant (no. 61971380), the Key Technologies R&D Program of Henan Province (nos. 232102211054, 232102211003, and 222102210025), the Key Scientific Research Project Plans of Higher Education Institutions in Henan Province (nos. 23A520012, 22A520047, and 21zx014), and the Henan Postgraduate Joint Training Base Project (no. YJS2022JD08).

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  • IoT
  • edge-cloud collaborative
  • federated learning
  • group key agreement
  • privacy protection


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