European Research Network of Excellence in Open Cultural Heritage (EPOCH)

  • Arnold, David (PI)
  • Kaminski, Jaime (CoI)
  • Rodriguez Echavarria, Karina (CoI)
  • Sodagar, Babak (CoI)
  • McLoughlin, Jim (CoI)
  • Pletinckx, Daniel (CoI)
  • van Gool, Luc (CoI)
  • Niccolucci, Franco (PI)
  • Ryan, Nick (CoI)
  • Cignoni, Paolo (PI)
  • Oberländer-Tarnoveanu, Irina (CoI)
  • Caiti, Andrea (CoI)
  • Garzotto, Franca (CoI)
  • Jerem, Erzsébet (CoI)
  • Guermandi, Maria Pia (CoI)
  • Fellner, Dieter (PI)
  • Gottlieb, Halina (CoI)
  • Smith, Brian (CoI)


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