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Research interests and goals 

I have a keen interest in sustainable energy, propulsion systems and system-level modelling, and my goal is to make an impact in this domain, well beyond my PhD.  


The working title of my PhD is “Combustion Chemistry for Optimisation of Advanced Propulsion Cycles with E-fuels”. I am using numerical modelling to investigate the combustion chemistry, thermal management, efficiency and emissions, relating to the use of sustainable fuels, including alternative engine architecture. 


I have two Bachelor degrees (including a BSc in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) and an MSc in Engineering (distinction).  

My MSc included modules on ‘Finite Element Analysis, ‘Manufacturing, Materials and Processes’, 'Space Science and Engineering’, a team project, and a research project and. Space Science and Engineering included the behaviour of bodies under stress, propulsion systems, attitude control, thermal balance, dynamics of spacecraft, celestial mechanics, mission analysis, telemetry, command, data handling and processing.  

For the team project, we designed a cantilever bridge that enabled access to an area of outstanding natural beauty for individuals with mobility disabilities.  It was my responsibility to complete the structural and modal analysis for the cantilever structure using ANSYS mechanical.  

Finally, for my final research project, I used ANSYS Chemkin-Pro simulation software to make predictive models for the performance and emissions of several internal combustion engines, including Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition, spark ignition and the recuperated split cycle engine.  


I have previously worked as Simulation Research Officer for the University of Brighton at the Advanced Engineering Centre. In this role, I developed several simulation models to enable predictive analysis and optimisation of the performance and emissions from internal combustion engine test beds that the university is presently investigating. This included a spark ignition engine, and a recuperated split cycle engine running on hydrogen/methane fuel blends. Prior to my research role, I have worked as a teacher of Chemistry and Physics for pre-university years.  

Personal skill set 

The key character traits that have got me to this point include lateral thinking applied to problem solving, resilience, determination, and the resolve to enjoy every minute. 

Supervision team 

My supervisors are Dr Angad Panesar (Automotive Engineering course leader and my lead supervisor) and Prof Robert Morgan (Professor of Thermal Propulsion Systems).  

Why University of Brighton 

I chose to apply to the University of Brighton because I immediately felt at home. The staff are so supportive and have gone above and beyond to guide me on this journey. 




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