The Anatomy of a Studio

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An explorative foray into the world of the architectural design unit, reflecting on the findings of the multiple minds tasked with exploring the questions it raised over a period of 15 years. The unit, which evolved from a PhD in time sensitive architecture, began with a simple question; when we inhabit a world of flux where the only constant is change, why is architecture often so fiercely static? We explored what architectures might grow if we stepped into the dance, acknowledged our part in the performance and began to unveil the poetry inherent in the play of time. The findings of each year informed the foundations for the next year’s work, and this paper teases out an overview of the understanding which grew as we increasingly embraced the complex, ambiguous and ever moving context of our work.


ConferenceExperimental Design Practices REG 2021 Symposium
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  • design
  • experimental
  • Architectural design
  • Movement
  • Time


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