Moss table

Carlos Peralta Mahecha, Alex Driver, Paolo Bombelli

Research output: Non-textual outputArtefact


The Moss Table is the result of interdisciplinary collaboration and an output of the research project Design in Science funded by the EPSRC at Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing. Its aim is to explore how designers can play a role in early stage scientific research. The Moss Table is a conceptual design intended to demonstrate the potential of Biophotovoltaic technology and how it might be applied in the future. Biophotovoltaic (BPV) devices generate renewable energy and other useful by-products from the photosynthesis of living organisms such as algae and moss. The Moss Table suggests a future in which hybrid natural/artificial objects are utilised in the home. The moss table has had a great impact in the design community and the general public, This can be demonstrated by a number of publications, exhibitions and prizes at national and international level. This table has already been exhibited at the “Designers Block” exhibition in the London Design Festival 2011, at the Salone Satellite in the Milan International Furniture Fair 2012, has won the “People’s Choice” prize at the Design Icons exhibition in Cambridge (Organized by the Design Council) February 2012, and the “Lápiz de Acero” design prize in the design concept category (Colombia, June 2012). The moss table has been featured in several online magazines such as Design Boom, Core 77, Wired, Inhabitat, Treehugger, TEDx Amsterdam, amongst many others. The Colombian magazine Proyecto Diseño (Latin-American circulation) and the British magazine Blueprint (Worldwide circulation) published full multipage articles about it and it featured in the British Press. The moss table has been featured in the book “Bio Design - The Convergence of Science, Technology and Creativity” by William Myers published by Thames & Hudson in 2013, and has been included in a design wide world touring exhibition (as a filmed piece) on Sustainability by the British Council Design exhibition. The table was featured on live national TV in the program Sunday Brunch on channel 4 on 13 June 2012. The moss table is currently in exhibition at the EDF space in the Alive exhibition until July 2013.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 17 Sept 2011
Eventother - Deisgners Block, London Design Festival 2011
Duration: 17 Sept 2011 → …


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