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    Pollard has begun each of the paintings produced for Jungle by working on top of hand painted reproductions of David Shepherd's "Wise Old Elephant" created by artisans located in "painting factories" in Xiamen, China. Once received Pollard works intuitively, juxtaposing confidently painted imaginary creatures, jungle animals and abstract mark-making next to the "illustrational" under-image. The works play with the fictioning" of Shepherd's painting in the hit TV series Only Fools and Horses, making links and associations between the site of Celine Gallery, a residential flat in a working class area of Glasgow, and the working class connotations of the elephant painting. The works aim to examine the notion of "good taste" in culture and how "bad" painting sits abrasively within this context.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 25 Mar 2017
    EventJungle - Gallery Celine, Glasgow, United Kingdom
    Duration: 20 Apr 201713 May 2017


    • Bad Painting
    • Fictioning
    • Myth-Science
    • Premodernisms
    • Neo-Medievalisms
    • Implied Authorship
    • Postmodernisms
    • Only Fools and Horses
    • David Shepherd
    • Wise Old Elephant
    • Boots
    • China
    • Xiamen
    • Animals
    • Site-specific
    • Context
    • Atemporality
    • Post-Colonialism
    • Intuition in Painting


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