IFI Interior Architecture / Design Education Policy

Suzie Attiwill (Creator), Joanne Cys (Creator), Titi Ogufere (Creator), Zakkiya Khan

Research output: Other contribution


The IFI Interior Architecture/Design Education Policy (IFI IA/D EP) articulates a global benchmark for Interior Architecture/Design education based on the profession's essential needs, future ambitions, global concerns, and collective influence. It sets out a universal outline with the aim to empower and inform stakeholders of the discipline - both internal and external - including students, graduates, educators, practitioners, academic institutions, professional associations, policy makers and governments.

This IFI IA/D EP aims to provide recommendations for principles and aspirational requirements that are foundational for the Interior Architecture/Design discipline and its education worldwide. It underlines the role of the Interiors discipline as an agent of change, a profession that supports human activity and fosters a collaborative environment. It sets out global objectives for Interior Architecture/ Design education but allows for integration within local needs and considerations.

Principles outlined in the IFI IA/D EP can be readily implemented in higher education curricula and represent practical considerations for both academia and professional practice. These values inform the development and evaluation of future curricula and accreditation of Interior Architecture/Design education programs. They directly impact education for the Interior Architecture/Design professionals of tomorrow and, therefore, shape the future and the evolution of the Interiors discipline at large. Through their implementation and actualization, these values impact professional practice and resultant built works.
Original languageEnglish
TypeIFI IA/D Education Policy
Media of outputPolicy
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2020


  • Interior architecture
  • interior design
  • Interior Education
  • Education policy


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