Hands On

Stefano Santilli

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Stefano Santilli is a Senior Lecturer on the Design and Craft programme, within the Faculty of Arts. Hands On is the final report summarising research into the value of teaching manual skills within higher education - funded by Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Creativity (inQbate). The project is an exploration of learning through manual skills, initiated by my concern with design education and the value of physically making prototypes to test ideas for three-dimensional products. This is in response to the pervasiveness of two realities within universities; [1] the economic reality of material costs, workshop overheads and Health and Safety liabilities - putting pressure on the strategic development of available resources. [2] the virtual reality of computer simulation and computer aided design for rapid prototyping - enabling convenient, oven ready conversion of ideas from lap top home comforts to the unequivocal precision of automated manufacturing. Is there an argument for persisting with ‘hands on’ workshop education for design students?
Original languageEnglish
PublisherStefano Santilli (online)
Number of pages34
Place of PublicationBrighton, UK
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2010

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  • design education
  • manual dexterity
  • hands
  • tactile


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