Games culture: computer games as new media

Jonathan Dovey, Helen W. Kennedy

Research output: Book/ReportBook - authored


This co-authored project, for which Kennedy received AHRC Research Leave funding (2003 - 04) was developed following the co-authors' organisation of Game Culture the first UK international conference on game studies, in 2001. Kennedy was key author of Chapter 6, Dovey was key author of Chapter 3, all other chapters were written collaboratively. The concept of 'technicity', developed from Kennedy's PhD, has been seen as significant for game culture but also technoculture in general, as noted: "The multiple, active ways in which gamers perform both as consumers and, in many ways, producers of the games they play, draws attention to the question of technicity, whose significance for game studies has recently been highlighted by Helen Kennedy and Jon Dovey in their book Game Cultures. As they argue, technicity must not only be understood as a set of technological skills, but as a way of engaging with technology that impacts upon both the way we see ourselves and others." Fibreculture 8. See also online review of this book at The co-authors have one further piece as a direct development of this book project, 'From Margin to Centre: Biographies of Technicity and the Construction of Hegemonic Games Culture', Players Realm Studies on the Culture of Video Games and Gaming, McFarland Press, 2007 and one further publication as part of their ongoing collaborative research. Kennedy gave an invited paper at Humlab, Sweden May 2005, and both authors gave an invited keynote at LearnIT 14th June 2005 to present current work based on the book. This latter paper was entitled 'Technicity and Power' and an article based on this has been accepted for publication in Cultural Politics Special Issue on Games co-edited by Kennedy with Graeme Kirkpatrick.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationUK
PublisherMcGraw Hill Education
Number of pages184
ISBN (Print)9780335213573
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2006


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