Fergus Heron, motorways, selected works 2000-2004

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This ongoing series of photographs depict an aspect of the modern English landscape as simultaneously urban and rural, a transitory space at once somewhere and nowhere. Depicting views of the M25, M3 and M4, these works, inspired by nineteenth century nocturnal painting, aim to foreground a contemporary experience of landscape as one situated between the everyday and the illusory. At night motorways come into being visually through their own illumination, rendering the surrounding landscape visible only by degrees. These pictures, made with a view camera at moments the motorway is absent of vehicles, involve a technical process in which multiple short exposures, produce an overall extended exposure. Therefore, only an impression of the space yields to the camera in an illusion of the momentary. This process attempts to transform the mundane space of the motorway through the atmosphere of night. By day, the motorway is a space towards which we would not cast our gaze. By night it might absorb it.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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