Building Blocks to Transform the Built Environment: A manifesto for the next UK government

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The construction industry and society require true climate leadership by a government that embraces far-reaching system changes and implements them at a national scale. UK Architects Declare has been working on a draft set of policies with industry partners as a priority ahead of the General Election expected next year.

This work has taken us through conversations with policymakers, developers, architectural practices and other sectors, helping us to shape a set of three building blocks focused on resource efficiency, circular economy and social & natural infrastructures.

Our draft document shows how these building blocks need solid foundations of systemic economic and political change: an economy aligned within human well-being and planetary limits; UK laws to safeguard future generations; climate literacy embedded at all levels of society; and climate leadership fostered through reform of the political system.

At a well-attended and active online session last month, signatories to UK Architects Declare and other Built Environment Declares groups came together to explore, refine and prioritise our thinking. Polls and breakout groups helped us to understand the top priority policies people are looking for. We can now bring it to the industry as a whole for a conversation ahead of a final launch early next year.

Building Blocks to Transform the Built Environment - a manifesto for the next UK government takes place at the London Canal Museum on 23rd November

Julia Barfield, Managing Director of Marks Barfield Architects, is a member of AD's Steering Group and of the group leading this work:

"There is a currently policy void in Government when it comes to the Built Environment. We understand the huge negative impact it has at present and the great potential for turning this around to create a regenerative future.

"We have been working to develop these policies to achieve this. Join us in our quest!"
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Publication statusPublished - 23 Nov 2023

Bibliographical note

Baker-Brown is one of the co-authors of this document which has taken a year to produce, commencing with discussions with Ed Milliband MP and others


  • Resource Efficiency
  • Circular Economy
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Natural Infrastructure
  • Climate Literacy
  • Built Environment


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