Matthew Noel-Tod

Research output: Non-textual outputDigital or Visual Products


“There is no universal history that leads from savagery to humanity", said Adorno. But there is now a film with talking dogs that traces the development of the world spirit from Plato thru August 2011 London riots to today. 'Bang!' is a materialist history of the present that uses the language of internet memes, advice dogs, and infantilised avatars to tussle with the journey from an organic society to the surreal subsumption of capital. From the closed and dog-like world of the polis, via Pico della Mirandola's discovery of species-being and Descartes' animal cruelty, to Facebook's materialised geist, it's the unfinished story of communism for a world that's gone to the dogs. The film was produced during a year long residency with Chisenhale Gallery and Victoria Park, London. It was supported by Chisenhale Gallery, Tower Hamlets Council, Arts Council England and Elephant Trust. It was exhibited at Chisenhale Gallery in August 2012 and in Victoria Park in November 2012. It screened in Cine-City, Brighton in November 2012.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherChisenhale Gallery
Publication statusPublished - 30 Aug 2012
Eventother - Chisenhale Gallery, London 30/08/2012; Victoria Park, London 22/09/2012; Cine-City, Brighton 21/11/2012
Duration: 30 Aug 2012 → …


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