ASP 4: Artist's Self-Publishing Fair

Alexander Pollard, L. Pendrell

Research output: Non-textual outputExhibition


ASP is an artist self-publishing fair held annually at the ICA, London. For ASP the artists Alexander James Pollard and Luke Pendrell will be collaborating on hand-tinted/painted prints based on Henry Thomas De La Beche’s well-known Victorian dinosaur prints. Rather than making their "own" work, Pendrell and Pollard will paint as "implied authors", fictioning an imaginary painterly collaboration between south coast legends Aleister Crowley and Charles Dawson (creator of the Piltdown Man). These new works will be shown alongside other self-published works and ephemera.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 9 Dec 2018
EventASP 4 - ICA, London, United Kingdom
Duration: 9 Dec 20189 Dec 2018


  • self publishing
  • DIY culture
  • collaboration
  • ephemera
  • printmaking with painting
  • Post-Colonialism
  • The Occult
  • Aleister Crowley
  • Charles Dawson
  • Piltdown Man
  • Paleo-Art
  • Dinosaurs
  • pre-historic Dorset
  • Fictioning
  • Implied Authorship
  • painting
  • Printmaking
  • Henry Thomas De La Beche
  • magic
  • golden dawn
  • Intuition in Painting
  • speculative futures
  • Residual Mining


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