Archival Information Package (AIP) Formats and Restrictions

Jan Rörden, Piret Randmäe, Rainer Schmidt, Manfred Thaller, Clive Billenness, David Anderson, Janet Anderson

Research output: Other contribution


Within the overall strategy of E-ARK the AIPs have a small but highly significant role. While SIPs have to be created by all archival systems to be used within individual solutions, and DIPs have to be deployed in all environments, the conversion between the three pan-European formats for information packages (SIP ==>AIP ==> DIP), has to be realized only once, leading to significant savings. The structure of the E-ARK AIP has therefore not to be derived from individual implementations of existing technology providers, but from the major abstract concepts currently existing. This report examines and describes these concepts and derives recommendations from them, which will be used as a guide line in the next step, the design of the pan-European AIP format and the conversion tools supporting it.
Original languageEnglish
TypeProject deliverable
Publication statusPublished - 13 Feb 2018


  • E-ARK
  • Archival Information Package
  • AIP
  • Formats

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