A Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Approach in the Selection of Terminal Operating Systems

Turgay Battal, Murat Aymelek, Metehan Erkayiran

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One of the most basic functions of international trade is the effective and efficient supply chain management. Ports play a critical role as key nodes for the successful operation of this chain. Port operations are complex and challenging processes that require seamless integration of various components to facilitate international trade and maritime transport. In this process, selecting the right terminal operating system (TOS) is a crucial decision for port operators.
Terminal operating systems commonly consist of five main modules: planning, operations, container freight station (CFS) operations, operational support, and management. These modules can be customised according to specific requirements. TOS serves as a critical software platform to manage, monitor, and optimise the overall functioning and workflow of a port. These systems contribute significantly to the reliability of the port by automating manual tasks, ensuring accurate data management, and providing real-time insights, thereby reducing costs, and enhancing service quality. An effective TOS improves operational management capabilities, enhances efficiency, and enables quick decision-making for port operators.
Selecting of the most suitable TOS is a critical decision process for port operators who aim to optimise rapidly evolving port operations. This abstract emphasises the significance of TOS selection and its management by applying the multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) method, which ultimately shapes the success of complex port operations and influences port efficiency, productivity, and service quality. The MCDM method allows port operators to assess and compare various TOS options more effectively. The MCDM method provides a systematic framework to evaluate and prioritise criteria, allowing decision-makers to weigh the importance of each factor based on their specific requirements. By making informed decisions aligned with strategic goals, this method enhances operational efficiency and maximises return on investment, making port operators more competitive.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 25 Jun 2023
Event10th International Zeugma Congress on Scientific Research - Gaziantep, Turkey
Duration: 25 Jun 202326 Jun 2023
Conference number: 10


Conference10th International Zeugma Congress on Scientific Research
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  • Port Management
  • Terminal Operating Systems
  • MCDM
  • Maritime Transport Management


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