A co-creation platform for post-occupancy decision support

Poorang Piroozfar, Oluwakemi Adeyeye, Micah Rosenkind, Graham Winstanley

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Buildings during their service life are subject to dilapidation, obsolescence, deterioration and changeand hence require constant upkeep on a daily basis and/or specific adaptation to change thefunctionality or improve the performance of the building. For this reason the constant and up-todateflow of information about a building is crucial. However, data collection is just part of asuccessful post-occupancy practice. What is more important is how the data, information andknowledge are retrieved and packaged to provide the most effective support for making decisions.In the UK, education up to tertiary level is the direct responsibility of the central government andtakes remarkable efforts, consuming a significant amount of their annual budget. Capital investmentfund for schools was £683 million in 1996-97, £3.8 billion in 2003-04, and £8.2 billion in 2010-2011.This paper reports on partial findings of a research project on post-occupancy design in schoolprojects in South East England. It provides a brief review of key factors, and major players in postoccupancyprocesses. The decision processes will then be established. It also investigates therelationship between the stakeholders and how this impacts the decision processes. A quick reviewof Decision Support Systems (DSS) will be provided to correlate the existing context with the meansthe toolkit will be utilising to offer the most efficient platform to serve the set target of the research.The main contribution of this paper however, remains to be how the collaborative processes werestreamlined for all the stakeholders to work together and co-create knowledge and value to devise a platform.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)101-122
Number of pages22
JournalJournal of Facilities Management
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 3 May 2013

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  • Building performance
  • Co-creation of knowledge and value
  • Decision support systems
  • Design decision making
  • Knowledge management
  • Mass customisation
  • Post-occupancy processes
  • Schools


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