2003-2023. 20 Years

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On February 5, 2003, ProjecteSD opened its doors. To celebrate these intense, long, and at the same time short 20 years, we devote February to a group exhibition that will develop and grow throughout the month. The artworks will be inserted on different dates and they will add one to the next until the show is completed, on the closing date.

All the participating artists are those who to date are part of ProjecteSD’s program, or with whom we have had a significant collaboration over these years. It is not an exhibition with a specific discourse or theme. The intention is not to look back, or to make any revision of the work done. The idea responds rather to the desire to break the rhythm, stop for a moment and search, through the works of the artists that are part of it, specific connections with moments of these 20 years. Fragments of a process that began in 2003 and continues. A free, simple exhibition, done in parts, where one can find a certain imbalance or even a certain eccentricity. And that hides little stories, that we invite you to discover throughout the month of February.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBarcelona
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2023
Event2003-2023. 20 YEARS - Galeria ProjecteSD, Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 1 Feb 202328 Feb 2023


  • Photography
  • Contemporary Art
  • Fine art


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