The Technology Enhanced Pedagogy and Partnerships (TEPP) project

  • Rudd, Tim (PI)

    Project Details


    The TEPP project was a research and development project to explore the possibilities and challenges of using new technologies to enhance the teaching and learning of practitioners.

    The project focuses on two particular areas of provision:

    > at undergraduate level, the Foundation Degree Professional Studies in Primary Education in Guernsey
    > at postgraduate level, the Education MA in Mauritius.

    The University of Brighton was involved in the delivery of both of these education programmes.

    The objectives of the research project were to:
    > improve understanding about the challenges and opportunities associated with using new technologies to support distance and blended learning
    > consider the issues of access, culture, structures and practices when deploying new technologies
    > identify barriers to change when implementing new technologies
    > make recommendations for successful implementation based on the specific case studies.

    Key findings

    The project explored the challenges and opportunities for utilising new technologies to support distance and blended learning, in courses run in Mauritius and Guernsey. The findings from the two case studies highlighted a number of challenges relating to access, culture, structures and practices that mediate the effective use of different technologies and draw attention to the difficulties staff and students in different locations may encounter when trying to implement change.

    A number of key recommendations for developing more effective cross-organisational research and development activities were identified, including recommendations for a coordinated programme of research and development focusing on educational technology, the development of a ‘watching brief’ focusing on new technological developments and related funding, and the development of new mechanisms for dissemination and networking. Findings from the project have been disseminated internally and key findings will be shared with wider audiences on completion of the project.

    The research feeds into projects and debates about the challenges faced by students and staff wanting to incorporate different technologies to support distance and blended learning and will influence future plans for the School of Education.
    Effective start/end date1/09/1231/08/13


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