RedPol Reduction of Pollution by endocrine disrupting compounds at source : innovative products for the commercial lab market

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Endocrine disruptors are chemical compounds of great environmental concern. 

They are a large class of substances of natural and/or anthropogenic origin that interfere with the hormone (endocrine) system of organisms, which may result in sterility and species extinctions as a consequence of reproductive and developmental disorders. Moreover, these compounds affect the development of living organisms, reducing production, associated economic activities and ecosystem services. This is particularly true for aquatic systems, which are the receptacle of many contaminations and whose effects limit production on the Channel coast.

A relevant assessment of the danger of EDCs is necessary for legislators and industries; it is also the simplest and most effective way to eliminate the most dangerous compounds and thus improve the health of the environment and associated services. The RedPol project will develop five innovative products (technologies, tests) and improve the risk assessment methodology with an implementation on six relevant compounds to complement the existing European regulatory framework. 

The RedPol project will design and produce at least two innovative products for the biotechnology market in the Channel area and beyond, which will be presented to the OECD to gain international recognition and promote their regulatory use. These innovative products will be finalised in the form of biotests, integrating technological innovations, involving physical and biochemical measurements for biological activities.

They will enable the development of biological measurement activities in France and England for applications and development in the environment, health and risk assessment. 

The RedPol project will extend the pre-existing European Union concept for the management of endocrine disrupters to better integrate the issues of the Channel area and will raise five specific technological innovations of the consortium so that at least two products will reach the final stages of approval within the project deadlines.

The RedPol consortium consists of relevant French and British partners, researchers, developers and managers from the public and private sectors.

The project will test at least six compounds suspected of significantly impacting human health and environments.

The RedPol project will involve national and international authorities and society in general. It will aim to sustainably improve industry practices and competitiveness, consolidate regulatory assessments and promote environmentally responsible behaviour. In the long term, and in line with European objectives, it is the sustainable improvement of the environment and health that is promoted. 

The specific focus on the marine environment will also make it possible to improve knowledge on the problems of economic activities dependent on these areas and their production, such as fishing and oyster farming, but also leisure activities.

The RedPol program will ensure the validation of innovations and lead the first steps towards their international recognition. The tests will be made available to all laboratories and industries in the detailed format necessary for their proper use and interpretation. The potential for use is very broad from universities, design offices, industrial development centres, organisations responsible for environmental

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Effective start/end date1/07/2030/06/23


  • Interreg VA FCE


  • endocrine disruption
  • ecotoxicology
  • regulatory tools


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