Examining the experiences of people who make applications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) in the context of legal aid cuts.

Project Details


This study develops previous mixed method research into the impact of legal aid cuts on lawyers and the CCRC (Vogler et al, 2021) by producing new data on how CCRC applicants experience this end of the justice system.

To date, there has been no such independent research on the CCRC from a user perspective. It is this gap that we seek to fill through qualitative research.

Key findings

We aim to make recommendations to the CCRC, and other organisations they work alongside, to make the appeals system more accessible. In particular, our work will address the following four questions: 

> What is the extent of applicant knowledge about available funding for legal representation, and what are their experiences of obtaining funding? 
> How do applicants understand and experience CCRC processes, and what do they regard as success? 
> What role do applicants regard lawyers as playing in the process, and what would they like to see done differently? 
> What would applicants like to change about appeal systems to make them fairer and more effective?
Effective start/end date2/10/2330/05/25


  • Nuffield Foundation


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