Electronic Patient Records (EPR) evaluation

Project Details


University of Brighton researchers worked in partnership with staff, patients and carers at the Sussex Kidney Unit (Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust) and associated dialysis units. Together, they developed a collaborative approach to evaluating the implementation and ongoing use of an electronic patient record (EPR) system.

Primary aims in this evaluation were:

>to look at what is meant by patient-centred care
>to discover what methods support the documentation of realised benefits, and
>to understand how these methods can contribute to successful EPR implementation and ongoing use.

Key findings

Research found that encouraging staff and patients to reflect on those service improvements that matter to them, 'in practice' – ie. in their own day-to-day experience of care – acts as a powerful catalyst for developing collective capability in EPR system learning and innovation. This innovative 'practice-centred' approach emphasised the importance of learning, reflection and the development of EPR evaluation and research skills among both staff and patients.

Researchers used participatory methods and work in collaboration with patients, carers, clinical leaders, clinical practitioners, administrators and health IT professionals. They believed that by building internal interest and research capability, we can create a strong foundation for the transformation in information use that Trust-wide EPR implementations will bring. The university is seeking to support the ongoing development of EPR evaluation capabilities within a practice-oriented programme of education which will support and underline the importance of quality of care, patient safety and efficiency in this new era of health informatics.

Research contributed to the:

>successful working EPR system in dialysis units across Sussex
>availability of Renal Patient View, a patient-facing EPR system for kidney patients and carers in the South East
>innovative laboratory integration work taking place
>evidence base of documented benefits for patients, managers and clinicians, and the programme of patient and carer engagement.


Darking M, Anson R, Bravo F, Davis J, Flowers S, Gillingham E, Goldberg L, Helliwell P, Henwood F, Hudson C, Latimer S, Lowes P, Stirling I. (2014) Practice-centred evaluation and the privileging of care in health information technology evaluation. BMC Health Services Research, 14 (1), 243
Effective start/end date1/11/1130/11/12


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