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Kaiming She has 30 years of experience in teaching, research and consultancy in the field of hydraulics and coastal engineering with projects ranging from coastal protection and sea defence to renewable energy. He has attracted research funding from research councils, government bodies and from within the university. His research also extends to sustainable use of water in domestic environment.  He has successfully supervised four doctorate (PhD) degrees.

Research interests

My research interests are concerned with developing sustainable engineering solutions associated with sea defences and promoting sustainable consumption of energy and water in domestic environment.  I have developed my own finite element models and applied these in past and ongoing research projects.  Ongoing research projects include

Development of Seashell as a wave energy converter and an alternative sea defence method

Seashell is a wave energy converter system that is specifically designed for inshore water deployment.  The system is designed to be cost-effective for manufacturing, installation, and operation.  It can also be retrofitted to existing sea defences for increased sea defences and energy production.  With the University Enterprise funding support, Seashell is undergoing the third iteration of prototype development at 1:10 scale.

Modelling of a Fauna Friendly Dredging System

Beach recharge as a means of sea defence generally requires offshore dredging to supply the needed sand and gravel.  The process can have significant impact on fish, which may not survive the process itself, or the lack of nutrients due to the habitat being destroyed.  The research aims to develop a solution to minimise the impact of dredging.

Sustainable consumption of water and energy in homes

This study investigate water and energy use associated with showering in homes and public utilities.  Showering makes up 30% of the total domestic water consumption.  Any savings in showering can have a significant impact on achieving a sustainable supply of water as well as energy.  The focus is on factors that influence people behaviour when adopting water efficient showerheads in homes.  The study involves a network of universities including University Brighton and Bath in the UK, and University of Aveiro and Lisbon of Portugal.

Approach to teaching

I see myself as an engineer preparing future generations of engineers. I teach hydraulics, coastal engineering and renewable energy. I emphasise the importance of students developing their understanding of theoretical concepts through conducting their own experiments in the laboratory. I like to direct my students to learn how to apply their knowledge in a creative as well as a practical manner. I expect my students to develop key skills to be able to deal with problems not found in books. I incorporate my research into my teaching and demonstrate how theory can be used in finding engineering solutions.


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