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Research interests

Hazel is a senior lecturer in health and social care with a background in HIV, sexual health, clinical research and clinical education. Hazel is interested in and passionate about public health, infectious diseases, sexual and reproductive health and work-based improvement projects.

Approach to teaching

Hazel leads a work based project module focused on enabling students to implement an improvement project in the health or social care setting they practice in. The module takes a case study-based approach, giving students the opportunity to explore factors that influence the implementation and embedding of projects designed to improve care. Students apply an improvement methodology, whilst working alongside practitioner stakeholders to test and implement their projects. Reflection to expedite learning and develop the students future practice is a central tenet of the module and the module assessment.

Scholarly biography

Ridgers, H (2021) Pathophysiology of the Reproductive Systems in Peate, I (eds) Pathophysiology for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals. 4th Edition. London: Wiley
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Ridgers, H (2021) Hand decontamination for Nursing Associates in Peate, I (Eds) Clinical skills for Nursing Associates. Wiley: London

Ridgers, H (2020) COVID-19: How Nurses can support advance care planning. Nursing Standard Online: Available at:
Ridgers, H (2020) Diary of a Nurse in self-isolation. Nursing Standard. 35:5 41-43

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Ridgers, H (2013) Caring for older HIV-positive men who have sex with men. Nursing Standard. 27, 23, 44-49.

Ridgers, H (2010) The Coming of Age: Caring for HIV positive older people. HIV Nursing (10) 1, 4-7

Knowledge exchange

Hazel is a regular reviewer for ‘Nursing Management’ and ‘Primary Health Care’ journals.


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