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      Lewes Road

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      United Kingdom

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    The Leica TCS-SP5 Confocal covers a broad range of requirements in confocal and multiphoton imaging. The system provides the full range of scan speeds at the highest resolution. With a high-efficiency SP detection (five channels simultaneously) and optional AOBS (Acousto Optical Bream Splitter), the Leica TCS SP5 delivers bright, noise-free images with minimal photo damage at high speed.

    The TCS-SP5 is equipped with a DMI6000 inverted microscope with a selection of air, oil and water immersion objective lenses. It's equipped with an incubating sample chamber which provides the ability to undertake extended time-lapse studies and quantitative measurements of live specimens.

    The Leica TCS-SP5 Confocal system is controlled through the Leica LAS AF software package which provides an easy to use platform for advanced life science research.

    LAS AF software offers full control over the microscope hardware and minimises the need for user interaction through intelligent automation.


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