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Cheating and plagiarism in higher education and specifically within schools of media and design has been a cause for continued concern and discussion. Lecturers and scholars are constantly evaluating the best ways to address this ethical dilemma. This is sometimes compounded by the fact that information is readily available online due to continued advancements in technology. Furthermore, the notion that nothing is exactly new and as such artists should ‘steal’ ideas for inspirational purposes could be misleading if not properly processed within the appropriate ethical parameters. Therefore, there is need for all stakeholders within the education sector (Institutions, lecturers, students, scholars, administrators, etc.) to be grounded in knowledge around the different dynamics of ethics. Such groundings could take the form of intentional formal or informal trainings of all stakeholders who could in turn formulate an all-inclusive code of conduct to guide and anchor all processes regarding cheating, plagiarism and ethics. Finally, further discussions, studies, research and evaluations around the subject should be encouraged as this would generate new ideas and useful scientific data.
Period19 Sept 2022
Event typeConference
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  • Inspiration
  • Artist
  • ethics
  • Ethics Through Design
  • Mentoring