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I consider myself a multimedia and creative artist with a strong background in visual arts, graphics design, painting, mixed media, 2d/3d animation, motion graphics, VFX and music. I have always sought for collaborative opportunities that explore the combination of my numerous creative skills under one research premise and that is why my Master’s research titled “Formats for storytelling by caregivers for sharing knowledge in home-based health care” focused on the use of storytelling by way of comic strips and animation within the context of healthcare and caregiving.

My proposed PhD premise would equally seek to explore similar collaborative approach where most of my creative skills would be deployed in search of new knowledge. To this end, I am currently studying how my original concept of ARTNIMATOLOGY could inform the premise of my research. A brief introduction of the concept is outlined in the research interest section below.



Supervisory Interests

Artnimatology: A Brief Overview.

Artnimatology is derived from the combination of three words: art, animation and ology. The core of the concept is envisioned to explore opportunities of intersection between a variety of multiple art forms and practices within a specific context with a view to gaining new knowledge, discovering new meanings as well as providing opportunities for information retention.


Artnimatology is inspired by the concept of interdisciplinary research where investigations around a subject is informed by a variety of disciplinary perspectives and contributions integrated to arrive at a systemic or holistic outcome. This is done by engaging in research for relevant solutions to problems, transcending the limitations of ‘expertise borders’ and engaging with specialists from multiple fields.


Artnimatology is projected to be dynamic in implementation by integrating information, techniques, data, perspectives, tools, theories, or concepts from multiple bodies of specialized knowledge (disciplines) thus advancing fundamental understanding that aids in tackling problems whose solutions might transcend the scope of one discipline or an area of research practice.



Artnimatology as a concept seeks to create opportunities for intersection between various art forms, animation and other disciplines to provide new meanings, contextual solutions, and a variety of research outputs. It is envisaged that artnimatology could offer the potential for unique opportunities for information retention through immersive experiences of the research output.


Scholarly biography

Between 2011 and 2012, Michael studied for his MTECH (Master of Technology) qualification at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa. His research titled “Formats for storytelling by caregivers for sharing knowledge in home-based health care” focused on the use of storytelling and animation as a tool by caregivers to communicate care and administrative processes within the homebased healthcare.


Michael also attended the University of Lagos, Nigeria where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in creative visual arts in 2008. He also attended SAE Institute between 2009 – 2011 where he obtained qualifications in Animation, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, and Electronic Music Production.


He also holds an honorary doctorate award conferred on him in 2019 by Trinity International Bible University, Cape Town, South Africa. Michael joined the University of Brighton in January 2023 and is working at commencing his PhD research with the university.


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