Blue Therapies: Using Blue Spaces H2020 Bid

Activity: External funding peer-review


(Collaborative bid for H2020 Funding)
The overall objective of Blue-Therapy is to develop a common framework that will; 1) improve environmental protection and
management of blue spaces; 2) improve understanding of the therapeutic effects of nature-based ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ water therapies
on health and well-being; 3) develop economic initiatives centred on the tourism, recreation and leisure sectors that support the
financial sustainability of blue therapies, and; 4) advance policies to support implementation and public education to increase access
and uptake. The project uses a multi-actor approach to cement the linkages between the healthcare, social and educational and
environmental sectors. BlueTherapy considers the sustainable development of rural, coastal and urban communities at its core,
through a focus on nine diverse Case Studies.
BlueTherapy recognises the timeliness of aligning public health solutions with the enhanced protection and restoration of blue
spaces. Therefore, the four specific objectives (SO) of BlueTherapy are:
SO1: To identify and define the blue therapies currently practised along a geographical and climatic gradient, including an audit of
the types of therapies, environments and users.
SO2: To assess the therapeutic effects of nature-based ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ water therapies on health and well-being using multicentred,
longitudinal, randomised control trials, and provide an evidence-based schema for blue nature-based prescriptions.
SO3: To support long-term, scalable, cost-effective public health interventions based on blue space, whilst ensuring balanced and
inclusive development of rural, coastal and urban areas through engagement with citizens, tourism, recreation and leisure sectors
and policy makers.
SO4: To provide evidence-based guidance that will provide the basis for policymakers to develop appropriate and cost-effective
strategies and
Period21 Feb 2022
Held atHorizon 2020
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • blue therapy
  • blue economy
  • blue spaces
  • nature and wellbeing
  • sustainability