The population dynamics of the black-backed jackal (Canis mesomelas) in game farm ecosystems of South Africa

  • Robert James

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Few studies have attempted to investigate carnivore dynamics in the privatised agricultural sector of South Africa. As such, the effect of lethal predator management on carnivore populations in private game-farms remains unclear. The black-backed jackal (Canis mesomelas) is one of a number of species that has historically been perceived as a threat to economic security and has frequently been targeted as a pest species. Despite efforts to reduce or remove C. mesomelas from livestock producing areas, recent land owner questionnaires and faecal density surveys report this species as prevalent. The mechanism by which this species persists under such circumstances is currently under debate, and remains a significant question that restricts the sustainable management of this species.
Date of AwardNov 2014
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Brighton

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