Investigating Deiters’ cell voltage-activated ionic conductances during a window of postnatal cochlear development

  • Nicole Levermore

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Only in recent years has the potential for understanding the auditory system through supporting cells been realised. Deiters’ cells are a type of supporting cell that are known to play a role in cochlear homeostasis, outer hair cell development and postnatal cochlear development. However, there have been limited number of studies that have recorded from these cells during development. In this study, patch clamp techniques were used to investigate the electrical properties of Deiters’ cells in rodents during a window of postnatal cochlear development. Specifically, the effects of extracellular calcium and electrical coupling between supporting cells were investigated. In some experiments, supporting cells were isolated using the gap junction blocker, 1-Heptanol. This study showed that Deiters’ cells were not sensitive to changes in extracellular calcium. The findings from this study and subsequent related studies will potentially improve our knowledge of developmental hearing loss conditions.
Date of AwardMar 2024
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Brighton
SupervisorAndrew Dilley (Supervisor) & Dr Andrew Penn (Supervisor)

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