A characterisation and functional analysis of the role of the 14-3-3-like proteins in neuronal ageing in the pond snail, Lymnaea stagnalis

  • Lindsay D. Morgan

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


14-3-3 proteins are a ubiquitous family known for their ability to regulate myriad cellular processes including lifespan, neuronal signalling and transduction, protein trafficking and transmitter production and release. Previous work has shown that 14-3-3 proteins are linked to a variety of pathological neurodegenerative diseases although their role in healthy brain ageing is currently unclear.
Date of AwardJul 2012
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Brighton
SupervisorMark Yeoman (Supervisor), Katrin Jennert-Burston (Supervisor) & Jimi Adu (Supervisor)

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