Workfare in 21st century Britain: The erosion of rights to social assistance

Anne Daguerre, David Etherington

Research output: Working paper


This report is part of an ESRC funded research which analyses the evolution of welfare reform in the US and the UK. The report focuses on the decision making processes behind the expansion of workfare schemes and benefit sanctions endorsed by the coalition government (2010/present), especially:
The Mandatory Work Activity and Employment, Skills and Enterprise Scheme Regulations (ESE 2011)
The benefit sanctions regime under the Welfare Reform Act 2012
The Job Seekers Back to Work Schemes (emergency retroactive
legislation introduced in March 2013).
The aim of the research was to identify the legal and political arguments that justify the reframing of welfare rights as conditional. The interview schedule included questions regarding the evolution of workfare schemes as well as questions regarding the degree of political consensus between Labour and Coalition government actors (with an assessment of Labour and current government policies).
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages98
Publication statusPublished - 2014


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