Matt Rudkin

Research output: Non-textual outputDigital or Visual Products


Made through collaboration by Silvia Mercuriali (artist); Tommasso Perego (composer), and, Matt Rudkin (writer), this interactive audio tour sends solo or paired participants on a journey of rediscovery around the familiar surroundings of the supermarket. Initially growing out of Silvia’s instruction-based work with rotozaza, the piece explores the subtle ways in which the layout and design of these standardised ‘non-places’ induce the shopper to abandon their list and act on impulse. By revealing and playing with these techniques, Wondermart creates the opportunity to inhabit this commercial setting for decidedly non-commercial reasons. Observed reality is re-interpreted through the guiding narrative of the audio track, making participants the covert witnesses of a private spectacle, and the shoppers around them into characters in a secret fiction, oblivious and totally undisturbed. Whilst veering well clear of simplistic didacticism, the aim of the piece is to create the ironic tension of servicing this ego-centric desire to be cast as the central voyeur, whilst engendering a greater affection for their fellow shoppers and an urge for community.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 21 May 2009
Eventother - Appearances include: Dublin Festival, Mois Multi, Quebec; ColoradoSprings; Brisbane Powerhouse; Melbourne Arts House; Mons, Belgium; ARENA Fest, Germany; Summerworks,Toronto; Centre Pompidou, Metz.
Duration: 21 May 2009 → …


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