Vienna/Bombay/Camden Town

Claudia Kappenberg

Research output: Non-textual outputExhibition


‘Vienna, Bombay, Camden Town’ is the title for two videos about the work of Jewish Austrian choreographer Hilde Holger, child of the 1920s Viennese avant-garde, refugee, independent spirit and passionate dance ambassador. The videos were exhibited as part of A Tender Grip, Electro Studios Project Space, Hastings UK, 11-13 Nov 2022.
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputFilm
Size11.22min and 8.08min
Publication statusPublished - 30 Nov 2011


  • Choreography
  • Expressionist Dance
  • Holocaust
  • Vienna
  • Bombay
  • London
  • Persecution
  • Displacement and migration


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