Two day Artist Residency 'Down the Hole', Saskatoon, Canada

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Over the last eight years Jules Findley’s practice has developed by looking at issues in bereavement using the material of paper. The research examines the emotions that contribute to this life changing event, affect, the psychological theory of attachment and detachment. Through making hand made paper, sculpture using paper clay Jules Findley uses the methodologies of display, play and experimentation to materialise new outcomes. In the work of bereavement it has led to questioning in-depth areas of contemporary funeral rites, as well as sensitively exploring death of a loved one and an understanding the emotions around grief. Research ideas from the wider context of grief and domesticity are conceptually formed through asking questions and in installations raising public awareness. I am interested in making the Residence with Linda Duvall as it will expand the horizons of my work. I would like to document the landscape. The landscape in Territory 6 has historical connections to the native Indians that used to live on the land. The land is flat and open like East Anglia in the UK. I am interested in collecting the soil for making hand made paper at home in response to the Residence. This would form the opportunity for new work and the work would be fed back to Linda Duvall. The work would also make opportunities for new exhibition work. Venue to be decided. My work is concerned with maternal grief, and loss as well as M’Otherhood, the abject mother, which also includes loss of the child, and the materialities of these being expressed through hand made paper and sculpture using paper based clay.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 26 May 2017
Eventexhibition - Paved Arts, Saskatoon, Canada, 25 May - 3 Sept 2017
Duration: 26 May 2017 → …


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