Turkiye'de Sanat Tarihi Yazimi (1970-2010): Sanat Tarihi Anlatilari Uzerine Elestirel Bir Inceleme

Translated title of the contribution: Art Historiography in Turkey (1970-2010): A Critical Analysis of Art Historical Narratives

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    The idea of a modern nation-state for Turkey emerged in 1923 by the foundation of the Republic, resulting in a single nationalist perspective within the study of art history. The Westernization policies that had long been employed supported the Eurocentric model of art history writing and adhered to a worldview based on the notion of a linear, progressive history. Since the 1970s, the understanding of historical truth and the impartiality of the historian have been challenged by the plausibility of different historical realities and that the writing of histories is subjective. Influencing the way we think about the historical past the new ways of thinking of history has also transformed the models and methods in the study of art history.

    The Art Historiography in Turkey (1970-2010): A Critical Analysis of Art Historical Narratives critically examines a selection of two hundred texts from 1970 and 2010, which narrate the history of modern and contemporary Turkish art. By doing so, it discusses the various constructive elements of each art historical narrative, including their ideological premises, sources and discourse, historical models they are based in, their temporal perspective, as well as linguistic and terminological choices. By exploring the narratives with the method of historical discourse analysis, the book employs a range of theoretical perspectives including feminist thinking, Orientalism and Post-colonialism, offering a cross-comparative and trans-disciplinary analysis of the history of art in Turkey.

    The book demonstrates the departure from the authority a single art historical discourse and model in art history writing and the discursive re-production of different identities and subjectivities in particular narratives, in addition to revealing the binary oppositions that play into the notion of linear, progressive history, the change in terminology, and the way the art historical and temporal perception of Turkey has changed in the eyes of the historians from 1970 onwards.
    Translated title of the contributionArt Historiography in Turkey (1970-2010): A Critical Analysis of Art Historical Narratives
    Original languageTurkish
    Place of PublicationIstanbul
    PublisherTarih Vakfi
    Number of pages216
    ISBN (Print)9789753333375
    Publication statusPublished - 2016


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