Towards a SHM-based methodology for updating fatigue reliability of orthotropic steel decks

Isaac Farreras Alcover, J. Egede Andersen, Marios K. Chryssanthopoulos, M. Imran Rafiq

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Orthotropic steel decks are likely to experience fatigue issues during their service life, the assessment of which turns out to be rather complex due to their intricate geometric features and the combined influence of traffic and temperature on the characteristics of the pertinent load effects, as well as the presence of various uncertainties. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) can play a role in reducing some of the inherent uncertainties while assessing fatigue performance using either the S-N or a fracture mechanics approach.
However, it is still necessary to develop the theoretical framework for SHM-based methodologies in order to use effectively the outcomes provided by SHM systems, thus avoiding a situation where monitored data cannot be readily incorporated into practical decision making. The present paper reviews current approaches for assessing fatigue in orthotropic decks using SHM data in combination with an S-N approach. A probabilistic model to assess fatigue damage considering pavement temperatures and traffic intensities is presented, which is intended to serve as the basis towards a SHM-based methodology. The objective of such a methodology is to update fatigue reliability in orthotropic decks considering multiple incomplete monitoring data. This should lead to more accurate performance predictions and contribute towards the rational use of SHM methods in orthotropic steel decks.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationBridge Maintenance, Safety, Management, Resilience and Sustainability
EditorsFabio Biondini, Dan M. Frangopol
PublisherCRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group
Number of pages7
ISBN (Print)9780415621243
Publication statusPublished - 21 Jun 2012

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NameBridge Maintenance, Safety and Management


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