The Winn Report: The financial situation of students at the University of Brighton: the twenty first report, 2015-16

Research output: Working paper


This is a summary report of the twenty-first survey of the financial circumstances of students at the University of Brighton, reporting key findings from an online survey conducted in 2016, and making some comparisons with data from previous years of the survey. Researching full-time second year students, this survey has been regularly conducted since 1992. The research is commissioned by the Access Agreement Working Group and is carried out by the University's Social Science and Policy Research Centre. Key Findings: Almost half of the students that completed this year's survey were mature students (21 years or over at entry). The highest proportion of students in ad-hoc or casual employment during term-time since the survey began in 1992. A lower proportion of students received regular or one-off financial contributions from family members, the lowest reported since 2010. Fewer students lived with their parents. More students reported being in debt when asked about their current financial situation. More students than in any previous survey agreed that the combination of academic work and paid work during term-time meant they were often very tired. Students paid on average more on accommodation costs per month than in previous years. More students than in previous years were worried about debt now and on graduation, and more also sought debt advice.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Brighton
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sep 2016


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