The Re-Use Atlas Second Edition: A designer's guide towards a circular economy

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It's taken me nearly three years to write, involving over 80 hours of recorded interviews with some of the world's leading circular economy thinkers, practitioners and enablers, and now the manuscript for the Second Edition of RIBA RE-USE ATLAS is finally complete.

One of the reasons it has taken so long to deliver this edition is because it is literally twice the size of the first edition, with 40 fantastic case studies focussed on proving that a truly sustainable, circular economy is both a robust and viable option for architecture and the built environment today, not some time in the future. We know what to do right now!

Do you know how to design for a circular economy? A truly sustainable, circular economy is both a robust and viable option for architecture. Through 40+ inspirational case studies, interviews and essays, this book is an accessible and practical guide to how architects can move from a linear economy towards a circular economy.

This atlas to sustainable, closed-loop systems takes the reader on a journey through four distinct steps (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Circular Economy) that show how they can dramatically reduce the negative impact humans have on the planet. It gives architects the skills and knowledge to navigate through the emerging fields of resource management towards a true Circular Economy. Each step is supplemented with an in-depth interview with an expert who is successfully tacking one or more of the challenges facing all designers today.

If we change our behaviour, we enable humanity to work with nature rather than against it. Be part of the change.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLondon, UK
PublisherRIBA Publishing
Commissioning bodyRoyal Institute of British Architects
Number of pages262
VolumeSecond Edition
ISBN (Print)9781914124129
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2024

Bibliographical note

Duncan Baker-Brown has authored this second edition of the popular 'Re-Use Atlas: a designer's guide towards a circular economy', published by the Royal Institute of British Architects. For this 2nd edition Baker-Brown has written over 85,000 words which are supplemented with an introduction by Professor Graeme Brooker, plus contributions from Professor Walter Stahel (Preface), Cat Feltcher of FREEGLE UK ('What a waste')), Dr. David Greenfield of SOENECS (The Political Narrative), Professor Jonathan Chapman ('Product Moments Material Eternities') and Nick Gant of the University of Brighton ('The Wiki-Waste-Workshop).


  • circular economy
  • Reuse-oriented redesign
  • Reduce
  • Closed Loop Systems
  • Architecture Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Recyling
  • Anthropocene
  • Anthroposphere


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