The effectiveness of nerve mechanical interface treatment for entrapment neuropathies in the limbs: A systematic review with metanalysis

Pietro Iogna Prat, Nicolò Milan, Jorg Huber, Colette Ridehalgh

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Neurodynamic approach employs neural mobilization and mechanical nerve interface techniques. While published studies investigated the efficacy of neural mobilization, it is currently unknown whether manual treatment of the nerve mechanical interface is effective in the treatment of people with entrapment neuropathies. Assess the effectiveness of mechanical interface treatment, including joint and soft tissue techniques, on pain and function in people with peripheral entrapment neuropathies. Intervention systematic review with metanalysis. the databases MEDLINE, CINAHL, AMED, APA PsycINFO, SPORTDiscus, PubMed and ScienceDirect were searched from their inception to October 2022. Randomized controlled trials investigating mechanical interface treatment in isolation in patients with peripheral entrapment neuropathies were included. Two independent reviewers performed study selection, data extraction and risk of bias assessment using the Cochrane RoB 2.0 tool. Certainty of evidence for each outcome was judged using the GRADE framework. 11 studies were included in the review, all investigating carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Due to high heterogeneity of interventions and comparators, only five studies were pooled in a random-effects meta-analysis. There was evidence of mechanical interface techniques being more effective in reducing pain than sham (MD -2.47 [-3.94;-0.99]) and similarly effective as neural mobilization (MD -0.22 [-0.76; 0.33]) in CTS, albeit with low to very low certainty in the results. mechanical interface techniques are effective for improving pain and function in people with CTS. However, the marked heterogeneity of included interventions and comparators prevents clinical recommendation of specific treatments. [Abstract copyright: Copyright © 2024 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.]
Original languageEnglish
Article number102907
JournalMusculoskeletal Science and Practice
Publication statusPublished - 9 Jan 2024


  • Mobilization
  • Entrapment neuropathy
  • Nerve mechanical interface
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Manual therapy


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