Teachers' Academy Papers

Anne Boddington (Editor), David Clews (Editor)

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    This book supports the third European League of Institutes of the Arts Teachers’ Academy and has been and designed to stimulate discussions about the contested notions of creativity. The papers and workshops question and employ creativity in many different ways. Central to many is a discussion as to whether creativity is an inherent quality, a gift that cannot be taught or learned. Others discuss how creativity may be enhanced or stifled through changes to educational policy or structures, or equally, through theoretical and critical studies or the commercial realities of professional practice. The papers are loosely divided into three strands. The first examines the subject of creativity with reference to overarching themes including entrepreneurship, design management and professional practice, as well as through a number of different disciplinary fields. These papers explore the limitations and opportunities presented by different teaching scenarios and contexts both within and beyond the university. The second strand examines how teaching, learning and research methods and the instruments of evaluation, assessment and curriculum design may be used innovatively, reflectively and creatively to enhance student learning; and the third strand explores questions of creativity, diversity, disability and the implications and opportunities for teachers as well as their students to reflect upon their position in the context of Higher Arts Education.
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    Publication statusPublished - Jul 2007

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