Taking account: a social and economic audit of the third sector in Brighton and Hove

P. Bramwell, S. Hiscock, P. Mason, Jennifer Colwell, Andrew Church, David Wolff, R. Dawson, D. Golding

Research output: Other contribution


The 2007/8 social and economic audit of Brighton and Hove’s third sector is the second of its kind, the first being conducted in 2003. Whilst it is widely recognised that the third sector in Brighton and Hove has an important role, the evidence to substantiate social and economic impact is sparse. Taking Account produces evidence of the dynamic and diverse third sector in Brighton and Hove allowing us to: • examine the sector’s social value and impact locally • evidence the sector’s economic value and impact locally • identify the role of the sector in strengthening communities and giving a voice to local people • assess how the sector influences public services • help ensure that the sector is better understood within the context of Brighton and Hove, and evidence its parity with other sectors • help better understand the sector and ensure we are getting the most out of it. Taking Account also tells us about the context in which the sector is operating and the changes since the social and economic audit in 2003, making comparisons where possible to the earlier analysis. This information will assist third sector organisations, policy-makers and commissioning bodies to steer the sector towards a stable and sustainable future.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Brighton
Place of PublicationBrighton, UK
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2008


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