Lilia Yip

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    SQUIDCUT is a collaboration between Lilia Yip and synthetic biologist, Matthew Jones, from the University of Cambridge, who as part of the Cambridge iGEM2011 team researched into the dynamic iridescence of squid. Synthetic biology is a relatively new area of science that merges the construction of biological entities using genetic codes, with the mass production capabilities of engineering.

    The discussions between Yip and Jones led to an exploration of the human fascination and fear of science, the ethical concerns around our ability to reconstruct nature and the labcoat as a symbol of scientific authority. The microscopic images of squid protein and cells generated by the team formed the basis of the digital printed images that were developed into digital textile art, a fashion collection and a fashion film.
    In the fashion collection, the labcoat is altered and subverted through pattern cutting and image manipulation, allowing the coat to merge with squid-like organic shapes.

    SQUIDCUT was exhibited in Singapore as part of the Singapore Design Festival at the Nanyang Academy of Arts and at the ONCA Gallery in Brighton. At ONCA, visitors were invited to view the exhibition as well as spend time in the research area, where key text concerning the ethics of synthetic biology as well as the Cambridge iGem research findings were on display.

    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 4 Jul 2015
    EventSQUIDCUT exhibition and Artist residency - Boutique Gallery, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore
    Duration: 20 Mar 201531 Jul 2018


    • fashion
    • textile
    • multi-disciplinary
    • fashion film
    • science and art


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