Space for Learning

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    Space for Learning comprises the design and build of three state-run primary school buildings in London between 2014 and 2020: Pegasus Academy, Whitehorse Manor Schools, ‘Pegasus’ (2014); Hillyfield, Primary Academy, ‘Hillyfield’ (2017) and Edith Neville Primary School, ‘Edith Neville’ (2020).

    The research context was set by the prevailing, government-led models of standardised primary school design, which have resulted in identikit teaching spaces and simple typological models with little variation in the spatial design or the character of learning environments. In contrast, this study applied immersive consultative techniques and co-design processes to support the development of spaces that respond instead to specific pedagogical, demographic, cultural and learning needs. Hayhurst proposed a model for the design of schools and learning environments that placed a school’s specific educational pedagogy and wider educational and physical context at the centre of an emergent design process.

    The enquiry sought to identify the processes one might adopt and the corresponding differences in output compared to prevailing typologies and engagement-led design applied to schools. The research explored and tested co-design methodology with a range of school leaders, pupils and educationalists whilst simultaneously interrogating, challenging and questioning what a good learning environment might be. Through workshops, engagement events, scenario testing and physical models, Hayhurst developed designs that responded to the uniqueness and specificity of the process undertaken with each school community.

    The designs were manifestations of the engagement and co-design processes. The methodologies and completed buildings have been the subject of open lectures exploring the latest trends in school design and published as exemplars in numerous books. Each has been widely published in professional and mainstream media nationally and internationally and have received awards including RIBA Awards, Civic Trust Awards and the Architectural Review Schools Award (International).
    Original languageEnglish
    TypeImmersive consultative techniques applied in school design
    PublisherImmersive consultative techniques applied in school design
    Publication statusPublished - 2014


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