S.O.S: Let’s share our dreams for more sustainable futures and healthier communities

Poorang Piroozfar, Eric R.P. Farr

Research output: Non-textual outputExhibition


Our one and only Planet Earth is in a dire situation and on the verge of passing a turning point beyond which there might be no imaginable return. Questing after a healthier, more liveable built environment, we, as professional educators, researchers, digital content creators and authors are bound to listen to “collective dream of the publics for future.” AI has been resorted to, to assist with this discourse in re-imagining such visionary illustration of the future. In this research and exhibition event, we have used text prompts combined with our previous professional experience to instruct the AI engines which use computational algorithms on the verge of technology to rehearse the large repository of data to render a future in which environmentally responsible communities are the dominant mode of inhabitancy. Rehearsing creative association with the public’s imagination of a healthy planet in direct or indirect ways, the AI engine has been fed with those text strings of highest praise and concerns. Through the search for images, the new combinations have been rendered to arrive at the unprecedented visual interpretations around the given narratives in the text prompts. The process of training the AI has been carried out through several rounds of iterations where the keywords within the text strings have been adjusted to improve the AI-rendered imagery outputs. Hosted in University of Brighton’s Grand Parade Campus located at the heart of Brighton, this exhibition seeks to extend the exposure of AI renders, and to introduce it as a novel tool to enable the general public to interact with art at a new and more in-depth level; “to connect with Art according to AI”.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 27 Jan 2023
EventDesign Research Exhibition: S.O.S: Let’s share our dreams for more sustainable futures and healthier communities - Grand Parade, Brighton, United Kingdom
Duration: 27 Jan 20237 Feb 2023


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