SIP-AIP conversion component: Reference Implementation

Sven Schlarb, Jan Rörden, Mihai Bartha, Kuldar Aas, Andrew Wilson, David Anderson, Janet Anderson

Research output: Other contribution


This report is about the E-ARK AIP format specification. There is a common structure of information packages shared between the different types of information packages which is defined by the document “Common Specification for Information Packages”. The current report references this Common Specification and focuses on the structural peculiarities of the AIP format and the implementation as part of the reference implementation E-ARK Web (in short: earkweb).

Key objectives of this document are:

To define a generic structure of the AIP format in a way that it is suitable for a wide variety of data types, such as document and image collections, archival records, databases or geographical data.
To recommend a set of metadata related to the structural and the preservation aspects of the AIP as implemented by the reference implementation (earkweb).
To ensure the format is also suitable to store large quantities of data.
Original languageEnglish
TypeProject deliverable
Publication statusPublished - 14 Feb 2018


  • E-ARK
  • Submission Information Package
  • Archival Information Package
  • SIP-AIP conversion
  • SIP
  • AIP


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