SAVE THE DAY: Public Collaboration project

Charlie Hooker

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    This on-going project invites the general public to collaborate with Hooker to produce a one-off artwork that features place, time and symbolism specific to each participant`s personal life experience. It is intended to encourage a widening participation and dissemination of The Arts to people who have no direct experience of creating art works. A summary of the text that appears on the website is as follows:

    SAVE THE DAY Commemoration Pictures.

    These one-off Heliograph pictures are produced using a portable large-scale Sunshine Recorder which can be erected anywhere, in any location. The muti-media images that are placed into the device have sun-track lines scorched into them to produce a unique record of the time and place each recording is made and will vary in intensity depending on the location`s weather conditions. In this way, they produce a personal memory, symbolising Chance and Fate.


    An important part of my art practice involves collaborative projects. Over the years, these collaborations have involved notable scientists, musicians, dancers, gallery owners – for details go to the CV pages. The SAVE THE DAY Commemoration series offers YOU the chance to collaborate with me on the production of your own personalised unique picture.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 14 Oct 2016


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